Preparing for that new addition to the family can often seem a little daunting, especially when it is your first baby. Everything is brand new when a baby enters your family, and we always want to be as prepared as possible. As we look back on our experience it is easy to see that in many ways we were over prepared, but also underprepared for what was to come. So how do you prepare the best for that little baby that will be entering into your life? That is what we are focusing on today. 

In our experience there are many things that may seem absolutely necessary, but the reality is that many things are not needed immediately when the baby comes home. Here are our top items that can be classified as your absolute essentials for welcoming the new baby into the home. Also, keep in mind that this list is designed especially for those that just want to know what are the absolute essentials for bringing the baby home. We will dedicate another article to all the items that are good to have for the baby on top of these essentials.

We call this our Baby Registry Silver List. While viewing the interactive pdf you will have the option to download for ease of reference at home. After the checklist you will find an interactive pdf that lists several suggestions for brands that we recommend to cover those items. First we will list a budget friendly option for parents just looking for good products at reasonable prices, and finally we will include some premium options for those looking for more style and design when it comes to the products. 

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