Quite often we are asked what is the best stroller for two children. Today we are discussing the Silver Cross Wave, a brand new model that is fantastic as both a single, and tandem double stroller. Silver Cross has always been known for their commitment to quality and design with their strollers, having been the pioneers in the development and design of the pram stroller. They are most well-known for their luxury prams seen in the British Royal Court. The Wave is their newest model, and in it they have taken the best of design, best of quality, and merged them to create a truly stunning stroller.


The Wave was designed to be versatile right out of the box. The view from Silver Cross is that the parent should not have to purchase anything extra to take full advantage of all the features the stroller has to offer. So, in the box, you will find all the attachments and accessories to use the stroller as a travel system (Car seat adapters for Nuna/Maxi-Cosi/Cybex included), full-size pram with bassinet, full-size single stroller, and finally as a tandem double with the included bassinet and seat. 

The only additional purchase that you will need to make is to purchase a second tandem seat when you are ready to have two seats for the children to sit in.

With the tandem seat, the included seat, and the bassinet, there are over 16 different ways that you can configure and position the seats. You can also purchase an additional set of car seat adapters to make the stroller into a full twin configuration. An additional bassinet may be purchased to allow for twin configuration with two bassinets. 

Silver Cross really has given the right thought to allow you as the parent to configure the stroller the way that you would want.

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