Silver Cross Wave Stroller

Wave is a very special combination of luxury and innovation, designed to give your newborn the very best comfort and protection, yet future-proofed for a second baby – all in one package.

This is achieved with an innovative One plus One ® connection system that is both simple to use and offers 16 stroller, bassinet and car seat configurations. We are sure you won’t need them all, but our designers have been busy ensuring they are all available so your siblings or twins can ride in comfort, safety and of course the optimum style.

Single Pram System, 3 Configurations


The bassinet has a very robust hard-shell base for safety, yet it is ultralight and softly padded with our trademark natural bamboo fabrics. The bassinet has a removable washable mattress and two independent ventilation points. It is supplied with a padded, tailored fabric set and fully ventilated canopy.


The stroller seat is roomy and extremely supportive with multiple recline positions and is reversible for baby to face you or to explore the world. The stroller has a padded, tailored fabric set and fully ventilated canopy.

Travel system

For convenience when traveling attach your car seat directly to the frame with the car seat adaptors included in the Wave package.

The car seat adaptors fit:

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP, Mico 30, Mico Max 30, Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, and Nuna Pipa.

One plus One

The complete Wave package includes both a bassinet and a stroller seat. Right out of the box, you can use the patented One plus One® system to create a double stroller that’s perfect for transporting siblings or twins.

Wave package includes

Wave frame, lie-flat bassinet, padded mattress, reversible stroller seat unit, separate stroller and bassinet tailored fabric sets and fully ventilated canopies, shopping basket, tandem connectors, cup holder, separate stroller and bassinet rain covers and mosquito nets.

Wave features all of the attention to detail and quality you would expect from Silver Cross. Every part of Wave has been designed to be beautiful yet practical, created only with the finest materials to ensure years of use for you and your baby or babies.

One plus One

Wave offers the ultimate in flexibility. It provides a luxurious pram system for your newborn, then in the future, the innovative One plus One® system allows you to adapt easily between 16 configurations.


- Premium footmuff
- Seat liner
- Luxury bag
- 2 mosquito nets (included)
- Cup holder (included)
- Parasol

Wave is available with a beautiful range of color-coordinated accessories to compliment your pram system. They are created from matching fabrics and trims and designed to complete your look.

Optional accessories

Tandem seat, bassinet, luxury changing bag, seat liner, parasol, premium footmuff, car seat adapters and bassinet adapters.

- Tandem seat
- Two raincovers (included)
- Bassinet


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Key features

  • The main seat and the bassinet are both included in the Wave package, granting the user the ability to easily convert the Wave from a single to a double.
  • The SPF50+ sunshield extends from all seats to offer your child the ultimate sun protection, while the mesh ventilation window on the bassinet opens to let in the occasional much-needed breeze.
  • The Wave’s innovative One Plus One system allows you to switch easily and quickly between all 16 configurations.
  • The Wave's detailing really sets it apart; from the hard-bottomed shopping basket to protect your things from the elements to the silent-closing hoods on the seats that allow your baby to continue snoozing peacefully. Also included are the coordinating fabrics and trims that make this one of our most luxurious products.

Compatible Car Seats

Compatible Car Seats

Silver Cross Wave includes universal car seat adapters that will allow you to click the below car seats directly onto your Wave Chassis.
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico AP, Mico 30, Mico Max 30
  • Nuna Pipa
  • Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q
  • * Aton 2 does not fit our lower adapters

What's Included

  • The Wave chassis is made of the highest quality Magnesium Alloy for maximum strength. Additionally, it has a four-way independent wheel suspension with puncture proof tires.
  • The ventilated carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping. The bamboo fabric lining has natural anti-bacterial qualities, is hypoallergenic, and helps regulate temperature.
  • The main seat unit may be positioned so that it sits forward or rear-facing. The back rest has three reclining positions and the footrest also has three positions. The roomy dimensions are suitable up to 55lbs.
  • The included main seat unit hood & apron are packed with soft jersey lining for added warmth and comfort, and water-resistant sturdy outer material.
  • Additional seat unit hood & apron pack with soft jersey lining for added warmth and comfort, weather proof sturdy outer material.
  • A sumptuous jersey-padded seat liner is also included in the package for extra comfort.
  • Two fitted rain covers give you the option to fit them snug over both the carry cot and seat unit to provide protection for your little one from the elements.
  • Two fitted mosquito nets fit neatly over for both the carry cot and seat unit to protect your little ones from bugs.
  • The cup holder can be fitted to either the left or the right side.
  • Included are a pair of car seat adaptors and a pair of tandem seat adaptors so you can use the One Plus One® function straight away.

What's in the box?

Silver Cross

Dimensions & weights

  • Main Seat: 55lb
  • Tandem Seat: 45lb
  • Basket: 33lb

Main seat unit:

  • Width : 13 inches
  • Backrest height : 21 inches
  • Seat pad length : 10 inches
  • Calf support length : 7 inches