Jet 3 Super Compact Stroller

Our ultra-compact, cabin approved stroller just got an upgrade!
Jet 3’s remains as clever as ever and is now improved, with just one simple motion when folding & the innovative NEW magnetic Genius™ buckle. More than just a travel stroller, Jet 3 is fully-featured so it can double as your everyday ride from birth all the way up to 55 lbs. 

Read on to learn how Jet 3 will give them their best ride yet.




Jet 3

Getting out and about with baby has never been easier. Jet 3's lightweight design and ultra-small, one-motion fold make it great for those everyday strolls.

Jet 3's perfect for traveling both near and far. It fits easily in car trunks or overhead storage racks and is even cabin approved for most airlines.

It's upgraded design allows you to stroll travel with baby with ease. Jet 3’s clever fold remains as compact as ever and is now improved, with just one simple motion when folding and unfolding.

Designed with parents in mind, all includes the innovative NEW Genius™ buckle with easy-to-use magnetic fastenings that fit together with three simple clicks. When little is ready to get out, simply squeeze the child-proof release and the buckle opens.


  • Jet 3 Upgrades
  • One of a Kind
  • Birth to 55 Lbs
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Travel System
  • Feature Packed
  • Simple, One Motion Fold
  • Magnetic Genius Buckle
  • Easier-to-Access, Bigger Basket
  • Sleek, New Branding Points
  • The Only Compact Stroller With All of the Following:
  • • Suitable for Newborns-55 lbs
  • • Airline Cabin Approved*
  • • Quick, One-hand Fold
  • • Toddler Bar
  • • Adjustable Footrest
  • One of the Only Lightweight Strollers from Birth - 55 lbs!
  • No Extras Needed to Use From Birth
  • Multi-Position Reclining Seat
  • 5-Point Harness
  • Airline Cabin Approved*
  • One-Hand Fold
  • Stands When Folded
  • Trolleys Like Luggage
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Travel Cover Included
  • Add Adapters + Any of the Following Leading Car Seats:
  • Clek Liing
  • Maxi Cosi®: Mico 30, Mico Max & Coral XP
  • Nuna®: Pipa™, Pipa™ Lite, Pipa™ Lite LX & Pipa™ RX
  • Cybex Aton Q & Cloud Q
  • Inspired by our British Heritage
  • Luxe Leatherette Details
  • UPF 50+ Canopy
  • Basket Holds 11 Lbs
  • Dynamic Spring Suspension
  • Flip-Flop Friendly Brakes
Instruction Manual


Birth - 55 lbs

Stroller: 13.6 lbs

Open Dimensions: L 35.43" X W 17.7" X H 39.5"
Folded Dimensions: L 7.08" X W 11.81" X H 21.65"

What's Included


Birth - 55 lbs

Stroller: 13.6 lbs

Open Dimensions: L 35.43" X W 17.7" X H 39.5"
Folded Dimensions: L 7.08" X W 11.81" X H 21.65"

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Kim S
Compact, light and excellent!

The jet 3 has been a wonderful stroller! It is very light, folds easily and is perfect for travel. Silver Cross’ customer service is exceptional and was ultimately what helped us pick this stroller, as it was verified free of harmful chemicals including PFAS. The stroller is light, easy to maneuver, folds well and is surprisingly sturdy for being so light. The seat and cushion bits are machine washable and made very well. The canopy is very large and comes down far enough to block sun/rain easily. The special magnetic buckle is so easy to use and so easy on your hands, grandma and grandpa can easily do and undo buckles. The only down sides are, because it is light going over sidewalks or lips in the road it takes some extra arm work. There’s only enough for small things under the seat and it’s a bit hard to get to, but not terrible. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use, very compact (smaller than a small carry on hard side) and lightweight I highly recommend! We love ours!

NK Raley
Silver Cross Fanatic!

I do have a full-size stroller, the travel cot and some other things from Silver Cross. Recently having added the Jet3 to the family ;) As expected, I love it. It is very practical, great for the overhead compartment and versatile for any sort of travel. My baby is only 4 months old, so I also purchased the car seat adapters so I wouldn't have to lift her around too much, works great! The one and only slight issue I have with it is the opening and getting it to be stabile / locking it into place. I certainly cannot shake it as easy as it looks in the videos.
Loving Silver Cross as always!

Felipe P.
Grate item

Very versatile stroller!

Jo B.

I’ve been using it for about two weeks and for one flight so far. I don’t think it expands as easily as advertised; I have a hard time locking it into place once it’s mostly opened. I wish it had a foot rest. For me, the basket underneath is just short of completely useless - there’s a bar that runs vertically through the center of the opening, so you can only place very small items in it (maybe my fault for not seeing that in the photos prior to my purchase). I added OXO hooks to each side of the frame to hang a big duffle bag on the back, and I was able to leave them on even when stroller was collapsed, which was very helpful. I love that it fits in a plane’s overhead bin (the only reason I bought yet another stroller). I love how much it reclines, and it has a good sized canopy. I have an 3yo in the 99th per for height and 85th for weight, so I purchased this travel stroller because it seemed to offer us the best longevity compared to its competitors. Overall, it looks very sleek. I wanted to be able to give it 5 stars, and I hate being so critical, but I just can’t given the difficulty I have fully opening it and the basket that I can’t even use for a small shoulder bag. I know it needs to be able to collapse very compactly, and I wasn’t expecting a basket like my full sized stroller, but I was just expecting a little bit more ease and usefulness for the price. FWIW, if you just need something for air travel and don’t care about the other things I’ve mentioned, then this is a great stroller.


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